About me

Irene del Pino

Irene is a fine art landscape and documentary photographer. She also does some specialized (Artwork) photography.
A native of Spain, she lives now near Madrid, but travels often internationally. 
Irene started in the days of film; her photography has transitioned to digital but she still shares it with 35 mm and medium format analog photography.
Her images include often human elements and people portraits when the project demands it, but people are missing unless they are deemed necessary to the image: she is particularly interested in entropy, where what matters is the human print as part of the landscape, a registry of the transient nature of time.
Irene’s work has been featured in several collective and individual exhibitions, Two have happened in 2020, and there’s already one scheduled for 2021 

Irene is a graduate at PhotoEspaña’s International School of Photography PIC.A.  She is working towards an MA in Photography at University of Brighton’s prestigious Media School. Her work reached the finals at the prestigious Santa Maria de Albarracin Photojournalism awards in 2019, and won the first prize at the Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijon in January 2020. Recently, Irene’s work has been selected to be exhibited at an international Post-Industrial Photography show in Rome, in January 2021