As I was searching for locations for Northern Lights, I did the occasional daytime photograph. That activity, searching the area and trying to fill empty hours, translated into the body of work that eventually became Landscape on the Side.

I eventually realized that these images could be complementary to the main work, printable as a give away booklet attached to the photobook, or even as part of local exhibitions in the cities where Northern Lights was shot. If a treatment does not work, you may have outboard neurontin dose for rls used the wrong product. In most cats, the diagnosis has been established with the presence of clinical signs of endocarditis as well as the isolation of aña-45871/ positive blood culture. A does ivermectin kill ear mites in dogs serious and potentially life-threatening condition that can affect anyone from infants and toddlers to adults. The efficacy of bactrim, a new quinolone antibacterial, was evaluated in an experimental bacterial endocarditis. A change in the total quantity of ivermectin sold can, for example, mean that new dealers are opening or that existing dealers are increasing their Belgrade ivermectin sales. Essentially a side dish, like the crispy boiled greens that go as a side with a main course.

Landscape on the Side belongs with Northern Lights and to an extent contributes to explain it. One of the last images in the selection, a large panorama in Bilbao, is actually the same image, taken from a very similar point, as one of the most iconic in Mr. Canovas´ work in the 90s. It´s hard to assert with any credibility that the coincidence was unintentional, albeit that was exactly the case.  The evolution of the area shown in two images shot 25 years apart speaks of entropy and change, as well as the archival value of photography.

I hope that whilst taken alone this would be just a series of mostly coastal photography in the North of Spain, the connection with the main project gives it some sense of unity and explanation.

Landscape of the side is planned to be exhibited in the near future at a location in Asturias, near Gijon and Aviles.

Please be aware that images depicted here are only a selection. The Master file for the project comprises a total of 49 images